Goan Pork Vindaloo

A vibrant, flavourful pork curry that is spicy, tangy and ever so moorish, it will have you coming back for more.


100g Shemin’s Goan Indian Curry Paste
700g pork shoulder, cut in to 3cm chunks
4 tbsp ghee or cooking oil
500g onions, finely sliced (about 4 medium onions)
4 large tomatoes, diced
2-4 small green chillies (optional – mince the chillis if you prefer a hotter curry)
10 curry leaves (optional)


1. Rub Shemin’s Goan Indian Paste into the pork and leave to sit for three to four hours or overnight.
2. Heat the oil in a wide, lidded pan over a medium-low flame, and fry the onions until soft and golden.
3. Add the tomatoes, chillies and curry leaves, if using. Cook until the tomatoes start to break down.
4. Add the pork and marinade with 120ml of water to the pan, turn the heat up to medium high and stir well. Bring to a simmer, cover tightly, turn the heat right down and cook gently for an hour. Add a little water if the sauce gets too dry.
5. Partially remove the lid and cook for another 30 minutes, until the meat is very tender and the sauce has thickened.
6. Season to taste and serve with basmati rice or Shemin’s Indian Breads.

Serves 4-6

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