Pair these dips with our utterly moreish bhajis and you have culinary heaven!



1 large apple, sliced
1 large courgette, grated
1 parsnip or medium potato, grated
Salt and pepper
½ tsp Shemin’s Turmeric Powder
60g Shemin’s Indian Curry paste or to taste
½ tsp Shemin’s Ground Cumin
200g gram flour, sieved
a few sprigs of mint, chopped
1/2 a small bunch fresh coriander, chopped
200ml water
750ml oil for deep frying
salt and pepper



1. Mix all the ingredients together for the bhajis
2. Take a spoonful and drop into the oil
2. Deep fry in batches for 3 to 4 minutes at 170°c
3. Drain onto kitchen paper and sprinkle with salt


For a delicious dip try mixing balsamic vinegar with some salt, a little red chilli or chilli flakes, and some shallots finely chopped. To make our crème fraîche dip, heat a tablespoon of Shemin’s Indian or Seafood Curry Paste with 2 tbsp of water in the microwave for 20 seconds, then mix with a tub of crème fraîche (300ml). Add more curry paste for a stronger dip.


  • To test the oil is at the right temperature, add a drop of batter and it should immediately crisp and rise to the top of the pan
  • As an alternative to the above you can use onion, broccoli, grated potato, courgettes or sliced aubergines, peppers etc…
  • If you have it, add 1tsp bicarbonate of soda to the mix to make the batter lighter


Serves 4

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