Selection of Six Shemin’s Curry Pastes

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Choose any 6 of our curry pastes and save 15%

All our products are made in small batches to our own original recipes, using only fresh and quality ingredients.

100% natural ingredients Gluten & dairy free Suitable for home freezing 20+ week shelf life (even once opened) Each pack serves 4-6 people

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  1. Karen

    We love your curry pastes and spices. Have used them for a number of years now and there is nothing available on the market that can beet them!!
    First saw Shemin on James Martin’ s Saturday Kitchen show.
    We were very happy to meet Shemin’s Husband and Son at the Good Food show last year.
    We hope to buy your products for many years to come. Karen and Chris x

  2. Tracey Briggs

    Since I have found Shemins curry paste, I have never looked back, I buy the medium curry paste 6 at a time, each time I make a curry using this curry paste I feel like I’m truly in India…

  3. yachtsuzannah

    Lucky enough when younger to be taught by very good Indian friend to cook fantastic curries from absolute scratch. Authentic flavour was worth the sheer amount of time it took to prepare and the sheer amount of spices I used to keep (around 30) which went out of date before they were all used up. So when a friend who always serves memorable food said she was using these pastes I immediately thought they must be different to the supermarket ones then. Tried them and haven’t looked back since. Won’t go back to the long way; time’s too precious!

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