£5 OFF DEAL – with an Indian Bread

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Product of The Year – English Curry Awards

Winner – 25 Great Taste Gold Stars

Finalist – Great British Food Awards

Finalist – Quality Food Awards

Cooking an award winning curry at home couldn’t be easier! This deal saves you more than £5 on the full price if you bought these products separately. Get ready to whip up a storm.

– 3 Shemin’s Curry Pastes of your choice

– 3  Shemin’s Spice Blends of your choice

– 1 Pack of Shemin’s Indian Breads of your choice


£22.75 £17.50

Paste 1 *

Paste 2 *

Paste 3 *

Spice Blend 1 *

Spice Blend 2 *

Spice Blend 3 *

Indian Bread *


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  1. V. Lucas

    Always excellent

  2. Dorothea Gatula

    Looking forward to tasting the products

  3. amanda hargreaves

    Beautifully blended spices with a unique fresh taste

  4. Lee Bengough

    Great pastes, spices and breads plus great service. The amount of recipes on the site (all of which are fantastic) is also great!

  5. sally everest

    very good

  6. Stephen burns

    Last time very good nearly as good as my paste thanks I use California reepers in my paste or Konodo dragon

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