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Jamie & James Martin at Ascot Food Fair

It was brilliant to work with James Martin on his show, but it all came from a meeting at Ascot Food Fair! Jamie and James here before the TV show.

Stiry Fry Healthy

Syns & Weight Watchers values in our products

Summer body at the ready! As some of you may know we’ve been to Dubai and India this month, and I think it’s fair to say we ate our way …

Product of The Year 2016 – English Curry Awards

At the English Curry Awards 2016. A great night for Shemin’s! With stiff competition from the major brands in the UK, we came away with the title. The judges said …

James Martin cooks with Shemin’s on BBC1

“A curry to beat any takeaway in 15 minutes. Now that’s magic.” – James Martin – Celebrity Chef
What an exciting time for Shemin’s! We had the BBC come round …