Questions about our Products

You can order overseas direct from our website, just choose the country at checkout. If the country is not listed, then email us at and we can organise the shipping for you. Due to the UK leaving the EU, we have temporarily suspended shipping to the EU direct from our website. Please get in touch on the email above if you would like to place order from a country within the EU.

Our curry pastes and spice blends use 100% natural ingredients of the finest quality across our entire range of spice pastes and blends. We use fresh herbs and source the highest quality spices. We roast and grind the spices so each pot is bursting with flavours. We never add water to the pastes and we never add fillers to the spice blends, as we are passionate about giving you the truly authentic flavours. For a list of the individual ingredients in each product please look under product descriptions on the shop page, and of course on the packs themselves.

All of Shemin’s Curry Pastes last 4 weeks once opened provided they have been kept in the fridge. They are also suitable for home freezing for up to 6 months. Shemin's Spice Blends last until the date on the pack once opened. Shemin's Indian Breads last 3 days in the fridge once opened, but can be frozen once opened for up to 5 months.

Yes. As Shemin’s Curry Pastes contain fresh herbs, they should be kept in the fridge. The products have been tested to last outside the fridge while they are being posted, for up to 18 days. Please refrigerate or freeze upon receipt.

Keeping the products chilled allows us to use fresh ingredients and stay true to our authentic recipes, removing the need to tinker with the acidity, water or salt levels or add in chemical preservatives. This keeps our products 100% natural and tasting superb, the way it should be!

Yes. All of our products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Yes. All of our paste range is gluten and dairy free. Note that our new Indian bread range has gluten added.

It depends on the recipe that you are using. When making a curry, each 100g pack of Shemin’s Curry Pastes make 1kg of ingredients, so a meal for 5-6 people.

If your curry is turning out too spicy, make sure you are adding the correct ratio of curry paste to ingredients. Each 100g pack should make around 1kg of ingredients. If you use less ingredients and more paste, the curry will turn out hotter.

You can add ingredients such as coconut milk, natural yoghurt or crème fraîche to your curries to cool them down.

There is no added sugar in any of our products except Shemin's BBQ Spice Blend and Shemin's Jerk Spice Blend.

Yes. All our products are made in a kitchen where nuts are kept, however there are no nuts added to our products.

Delivery within the United Kingdom, excluding the Highlands, is £2.95 for all orders and free on orders over £30.

We send out orders on Monday mornings and Thursday mornings. You should receive your order within 2 days from postage. Some orders may take longer, however the curry pastes have been tested to last outside the fridge while they are being posted, for up to 18 days.

We supply restaurants and pubs across the UK. Please email us at or call 01344 291216 for more information about catering supply.

If you have a shop and want to stock Shemin's products, please get in contact with us at or call 01344 291216.