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10% OFF First Time Purchases!

Have you tried our delicious Curry Pastes or Spice Blends yet? We’re offering you 10% OFF your first purchase so you can taste their deliciousness for yourself! The discount is automatically applied at the checkout when you place your order.

Using a curry paste gives you so much more freedom in the kitchen, you have the ability to create anything from a fiery Jalfrezi to the beloved Chicken Tikka in just minutes. Added to that, you get the satisfaction of creating a delicious and authentic Indian meal without having to spend hours grinding up fresh herbs and toasting off spices. It’s a rewarding, healthy, and authentic way to create Indian Cuisine at home, and cooking a curry takes the same amount of time as waiting for your order from the local Indian takeaway! Even the celebrity chef James Martin quoted that our Curry Pastes create “A curry to beat any takeaway in just minutes!”

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